Today’s Tip is for those of you with ancestors in the Cleveland, Ohio area and who need help with a marriage issue.
There are two sites that when you work them in combination, they can really help!
First, go to http://probate.cuyahogacounty.us/ml.  This is the Historical Marriage License Index for the Probate Court of Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  It covers marriages from 1810-April 1998.  There is a link for post April 1998 marriages too.
Click on the highlight and all you need to fill in is a surname!  When you click on a listing after a search, you get the Volume and page number so you can either ask the Cuyahoga County Archive for a copy of the license, check on familysearch.org (for some of them) or send $2.00 in to the Probate Court and get a certified copy a lot quicker than the Archive tends to operate.  
Now if you just need a bit of help with when the date of a certain listing might be ….. fear not!
Go to http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~officer/CuyOhMarIndx.html.  This site is a nifty site that gives you the years for each volume of the marriage records.
Especially helpful if, say you find three Mary and Fred Smith marriage.  You can narrow down the field by checking the dates on the second site to see which one may be in the right time frame for your ancestor.  
I also have found that when you send in your $2.00 to the Probate Court, if the microfiche copy is too faint, not clear, they tend to send the copy and your $2.00 back.  Nice folks for a broke city 🙂
This is a neat site and has helped me out a lot!  The other feature I like is it gives you names that are close, but not exact on the surname.  BUT if there are spelling that are far off (one of mine for example used a W rather than a V for the first letter, you will need to try a bit of ‘index fishing’!
I hope this helps someone!  It sure has been a super help to me!
Onward To Our Past!

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