Today’s Tip is: Collaborate!

In just a couple hours from now my daughter and my sister-in-law will be meeting in another country with a second cousin. This cousin is the last of her generation in this line of our family tree. I made the connection and am blessed that this meeting is taking place (as I said yesterday) but I am jealous as H-E-etc. that I cannot be there! It is killing me!
BUT I am blessed that it is happening! That these two family members, who are not exactly what you would term ‘Genealogy Hounds’ are willing to do this meeting. Plus go with cameras, lists of questions, family trees, and other instructions on my ‘say so’ and to gather what will be precious information for the family. Precious now and even more precious in the future and to those in future generations.

This brings me to today’s tip: YOU SHOULD COLLABORATE WHEN EVER YOU CAN! My best efforts are tiny when compared to what happens when I can team up with someone! Be it a researcher elsewhere, a volunteer, a family member, a friendly genealogist I met online, etc.

When you think about it, none of us got here alone! It took two to tango and so we should embrace the collegial nature of genealogy.

Personallly, not only do I embrace anyone’s help, but I seek it out. Then when I have accomplished something significant I make certain to share it for posterity and acknowledge that help. I have sent my family history to libraries and museums. I have sent copies to relatives, schools, those who helped, and Societies.

So as an ‘industry’ we need to come together. Not fracture our efforts into competing organizations. We need to share, collaborate and celebrate as inclusively as we can!

I hope you enjoy your day, and lets go Onward To Our Past — together!


  1. Nancy Reply

    Oh, I'm so sorry you couldn't have been the one to meet your second cousin! I hope your daughter and s-i-l get to ask all the questions, write down all the answers, and take great photos.

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