Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the County Recorders Office!
While not everyone purchases real estate, a lot of our ancestors did.  So don’t forget to check out the County Recorders Office for what they may have.  Lots more of them are going online, so it is getting easier to look these valuable records up!
One example that I have used is the Country Recorders Office for Cuyahoga County, the county Cleveland is located in.  But I have seen similar online offerings in many of Ohio’s counties.
You can see what I am talking about by visiting http://recorder.cuyahogacounty.us/.  
Use the Search Database tab and enter a surname and a date range.  I use a wide range if my surname is somewhat unique.  Then see what comes up!  A copy of the actual document!  Nice!
I have gained valuable information on where my ancestors lived and who was on a deed.  I have found some lost children and later married surnames of daughters.  
It can be a great assist in your efforts!
Have a great day and enjoy going Onward To Our Past!

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