Today’s Tip is super simple:  BE BOLD!
As a fundraiser, I grew some very thick skin.  When you spend your life asking for other people’s money, you have to learn to hear a lot of NOs and to not take it personally, but to be successful, you have to ask!  You have to be bold enough to go for the gold if you hope to get it.
The same holds true in genealogy!  WE MUST BE BOLD!  Reach out!  Try it!  Trust your gut and then be strong enough to follow it!  Don’t get me wrong, there is a significant difference between Bold and abrasive.  I do not support abrasive!  
Here is a perfect example:  Today I was looking for some help in Vinchiaturo, Italy.  I am stumped on a couple of marriage dates and I was looking for help.  I saw a name on the site that rang a familial bell, but I had no idea if it would be a family member or just a coincidence of a common Italian surname and given name, both.  Well, lo and behold, not only was it family, but it was direct family and does he ever have some great information and a desire to collaborate.  Then he referred me to another family member.  I grabbed that opportunity and tonight I learn that this family member wrote a book about her life in our ancestral village some five years ago!  A book!  WOW!  How wonderful is that!  Plus she wants to learn more too!  What a gold mine!
So ….. take a chance!  BE BOLD!  Go for it!  Don’t be faint of heart.  Don’t be shy!  The worst that can happen is you get a NO.  Hey, in fundraising that always meant you could ask again sometime!  
Onward To Our Past,

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