I really try and avoid desk-top clutter, but today’s tip is printed out on a little 3×5 card and Ihave it taped up at the front of my desk.  I need to be reminded of it periodically and to keep it’s points in mind.
Today’s Tip:  Remember the Genealogical Proof Standard and keep it as a key function of your work.
This Standard is set as the minimum forus to work to, not the maximum.  
Here are the five elements as stated in The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual:
  1. A reasonably exhaustive search has been conducted.
  2. Each statement of fact has a complete and accurate source citation.
  3. The evidence is reliable, and has been skillfully correlated and interpreted.
  4. Any contradictory evidence has been resolved.
  5. The conclusion has been soundly reasoned.
As I perform my work, I keep glancing at these elements before I add anything to my formal tree.  It keeps me ‘honest’ and focused on proven facts with supporting evidence.
I hope today, you can find something great in your work!  Enjoy it!
Onward To Our Past,

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