Ask your historial or genealogy society about Title Insurance Company Records they might have.
Land title insurance companies are most often impeccable with their records of legal changes that take place that could impact title to real estate. Be sure to ask your historical society or your genealogy society if they have ever had any title insurance companies donate their records to them!

In the case of the Ohio Genealogy Society, a land title company gave them cartons and cartons of their records for land in Greater Cleveland. When I asked about two specific family surnames, I was sent 11 pages of photocopies of 3×5 cards with listings of every legal case that they recorded against real estate in those names! With an average of 5 cards a page, that alone was 55 leads for evidence on these families! These include case numbers, names, and the issue convered such as marriage, divorce, adoption, probate, estate actions, insanity cases, guardianships, etc. These are wonderful leads on some interesting information!

The only ‘glitch’ is that I have to figure out which court the file may reside in — or if they are held by the County Archive, but small price to pay!

While I can already identify a few of the cases as probate and estate files where I already have the file, many are new and the marriages alone have helped with maiden names. Plus with this company they also made note of whether or not, in a divorce, the woman returned to her maiden name or kept her married surname. Nice for follow-up.

This can be quite a treasure trove, so I definately think it is worth the ask!

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