I think today’s tip is perfect for a Sunday:  Remember to keep the joy in genealogy!
There are many things in life that go better with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).  When we talk on the phone, we are told to smile while we speak.  We often do our best when we get a little thrill of adrenaline coursing though our veins!  Our voices sound better when we smile as we speak and we all know that PMA can be the difference maker in a health crisis.  
So it is in genealogy!  We need to keep the joy in our efforts.  As a matter of fact, I have cut out the word joy from an Almond Joy candy bar (one of my serious weaknesses) and have it taped to the corner of my computer monitor.  Just to remind me to keep that PMA going all the time.
When we are slogging through the 44th page of an Ancestry.com listing of names, or trying the 15th permutation of the spelling of an ancestor’s surname in an effort to find them in a Census or index of some sort. we need to keep the joy there so we stay at it, and stay sharp!
I have found that when I am happy as I work, I am sharper and a bit keener to the task.  I think of new avenues to attack and see smaller detail in the minutia I am mining.
To help me with this, when the times get really bleak, when the brick wall seems to be on all four sides of me and blocking  even the sunshine, I have a special mix I put together on my iPod to keep me percolating!  The songs start out smooth and light, but by the second hour the beat is pounding, the rock and roll is rocking, and the songs are some of my favorites.  I am tapping my feet and cannot help but smile as I work.  Silly as it may sound, it really does help me.
This work is hard!  Our searches do not always produce what we want, when we want it, and sometimes what we seek stays hidden altogether.  My great grandfather Vicha continues to be lost in the mists of time from 1911 on.  If I wanted to let that get me down, it easily could.  Especially since it is the ONE thing my 91 year old mother asked me to find out! But I keep the joy there …. and I celebrate as I find ANYTHING about the man.  
So have a great Sunday and remember to keep the Joy in Genealogy!  At least for today give it a try!
Onward To Our Past,

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