Today’s Tip is:  Buy yourself an old-style kitchen timer …. the kind with the loud bell that goes off when time expires.
In a perfect world (at least for me) I would have all the time in the world for my genealogy!  But, alas, the world is not perfect and I have to cram my genealgoy into available times slots and between home repairs, dog walks, errands, and even a meal now and again.  
I also know that time can sweep right by me when I am hot on the trail of a fact or ancestor.  Many is the time I have looked at the clock only to see that hours have passed rather than the minutes it feels like to me.  Even more are the times that I hear my wife’s voice imploring me to leave the desk!
So I went out to my favorite hardware store (we are blessed in my town to have a great, old fashioned, family-owned hardware store that carries all kinds of great stuff) and bought myself a kitchen timer.  The kind with a great big dial, only goes up to an hour, and has a bell that rings when ‘time is up’.  
Now when I know my time is limited, I set that timer.  The ticking helps me stay focused and urgent.  And when that bell goes off and I usually jump right out of my chair, I know my time is up for that session.
It helps keep me on task and helps keep the household peace by reminding me of my other obligations, which I will readily admit get shunted aside mentally when I am hot on the trail of some piece of evidence!
So …… DING …… Whoops, there’s the timer!  Gotta run!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. Michelle Goodrum Reply

    They work like a charm. I have one I use when pressed for time (and always for reading blogs or I would read them all day long).

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