Today’s Tip:  I suggest getting a White Board if you don’t have one.
I am a visual person and have a tendancy to try to multi-task more than I can sometimes reasonably manage.  So I have hung a White Board, you know, one of those dry erase things that took the place of chalk boards some time ago, on the wall across from my desk.  
I split my board into thirds, vertically.  One column is for my TASKS.  One column is for my DEADLINES.  One column is for what I call my WISH LIST.
I also have have a set of colorful markers that I use to differentiate between HOT, Warm, and cold.  For me HOT items are in PURPLE, Warm are in Green, and cold are in orange.  (Aside: I  use PURPLE for my HOT list since it is my favorite color and my eyes and brain automatically fix on that color first.)  
With this nice visual reminder constantly on my wall, I can at least see what all I am juggling.  
As HOT items get done, they get erased and make room for a Wish lister to move to the action area!  
Deadlines stay put ….. until they are met.  Needless to say, those PURPLE DEADLINES are killers!  
I then take a photo of my board with my phone’s camera so I always have it with me.  that way I don’t need to duplicate the list on my laptop or a 3×5 card.  Then things change, I just take a new photo and delete the old.  Keeps me from making too many commitments when I am out meeting folks!  
Plus when I am on the phone or the computer I can look right at it and makes some ‘on the fly’ decisions if I want to take on a new project, when I can get to it, and if a new writing assignment’s deadline fits in with my established commitments.  
Simple, quick, easy to alter, easy to update, and green.  Plus as you know you can find these little white gems in about any size your wall will allow.
The nicest part ….. they still give you an eraser, just like the old days with chalkboards!
I hope this idea might help you, too.
Onward To Our Past!
  1. Michelle Goodrum Reply

    Excellent idea. Sometimes the simplest (and most old fashioned) techniques are the best.

    I hadn't thought of taking a picture of a list and keeping the most up to date version on my phone. I really like that idea! So, sometimes the high tech techniques can be the best too.

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