Good morning!  Today’s tip:  Be a good Society/Club member and invest a bit of yourself along with your dues.
If you are like me, you are a member of at least one Genealogical Society or Club.  It might be for an area, like the Ohio Genealogical Society, or an ethnic-based group like the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, or a surname group, or a local club.  No matter which, I am suggesting today that you should be a ‘good member’, not just a ‘member’.
As we were all taught, ’tis better to give than to receive’ and this, I belive is true with our genealogy membership organizations.  Sure, we pay our dues, but our involvement should not stop there.
As a ‘good member’ we should be trying to get the best ROI we can for our dues and that means we have to invest ourselves in addition to our money!  
To me, this means we should volunteer when the need is there, offer help with projects and efforts that come up, check the Society/Club’s bookstore first before we buy a book we want to see if we can buy it there rather than on Amazon, etc, ‘Like’ them on Facebook if they are there, read their blog, recruit a new member if you run into someone who might  be interested, give them credit when credit is due their work, talk them up to others, put the surnames your are working on in their index and keep it updated, send them a copy of your research when it is completed for their library or archive.  
We can all simply pay our dues and then bemoan when the Society/Club struggles or hits a hard patch.  With the economy in a shambles, lots of clubs are trying to stretch every dime they get (and are doing a super job of that), so a bit of extra help, or even just the offer, can lighten a day or lighten a load.
So remember, to get a great ROI on our dues payments, we need to invest a bit of ourselves in our Societies and Clubs.  After all it is what we love to do!
Onward To Our Past,

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