Today’s Tip:  Don’t throw out that orphaned sock!
If you are like me, one of your prized and most used genealogy posessions is your magnifying glass.  I love mine!  From helping read old script, tiny, faded print, typewriter ‘soft letters’,  faint pencil notes from years gone by, or studying the etching on a fading number or letter on a gravestone, it cannot be matched nor replaced!  Can’t be replaced, especially since in my case my glass came from my grandmother and it is the only article from her that I have.  It is really special, but at the same time, I love using it and feel it gives me a special spirit from Nana when I do my work.
It also goes a lot of places with me and I worried about scratches, the handle getting dinged up, etc.  But I really have a need for it almost every time I go to a cemetery, library, archive, bookstore, etc.  I need that glass, but I wanted to protect it.
I checked all over for a case.  Seems that there must not be a huge market for stand-alone magnifying glass cases!  
So one day I was grousing when I was doing our laundry about the fact that our washer or dryer was eating one of my favorite, thick, gym socks!  Never two, just one!  There I stood …. looking at this one, perfectly good, but now orphaned sock.  Just as I was about to toss it into the rag drawer, I got my bright idea!
I grabbed that sock and took it to my desk, slipped my magnifying glass into it and voila!  I had myself a nice, soft, lightweight, case!  Just enough to protect it, but not bulk it up for my briefcase!
Now my magnifying glass and my sock go with me everywhere!  Not exactly a matched pair, but they seem to get along just fine!
Oh, I will warn you …. it does bring some funny remarks every so often from the airport TSA security folks …. but hey, when I tell when what it is and what I use it for, they seem to understand.  Often as they are backing away from me like I  have something contagious, but they let me through!
So don’t toss that sock!  Your magnifying glass will thank you!
Onward To Our Past!
  1. Michelle Goodrum Reply

    Fantastic idea and I have a few magnifying glasses and plenty of orphan socks.

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