Today’s Tip:  Hold a contest!
Every so often my family begins to lose interest in my genealogy work.  HEY!  I know!  How could they do that?  🙂  But they do ….. so to get them active and interested again, I hold little contests.
One of my favorites involves asking them to send in an intergenerational story.  
Another is a favorite holiday memory.
Another is a favorite memory of a favorite relative.
Another is to send in a photo of someone not already on the tree.My favorite is that I include a photo in the email that has folks in it I do not have identified.  I ask who can put a name with a face.  
 The prize is usually a small Starbucks card for the winner.  It works!  After all, who doesn’t like a free cup of Joe?
When I hold these contests, they never have failed to get folks talking again, thinking about family, and most of all sharing!    It gets folks back to reviewing the website and talking amongst themselves too.  
It is easy, takes just a few extra lines in my email updates, and works wonders!
So hold a contest and get folks as excited as you are about going Onward To Our Past!

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