Today’s Tip:  Trust your gut, even though sometimes ‘that feeling’ is just from the cold pizza the night before that you ate for breakfast!  
(ASIDE:  When I was growing up, only my sisters were allowed to have friends over for Friday night ‘pizza parties’.  I would sit in my room and hear the music, the talk, the laughter and smell the wonderful aroma of pizza baking!  The next morning, I would always be sure to be the first one awake in the house and find the leftovers!  No microwaves in those days, so I would sit, watch early morning cartoons on TV, and feast on cold pizza.  I thought I was in heaven on those mornings and to this day, I still love cold, leftover pizza.)
Now back to Today’s Tip.  I have been waiting for a Social Security Number application form in the mail.  I was very excited to see it in the arrive yesterday and opened it this morning.  
BUMMER!  It turned out to not be the ancestor I was tracing at all.  I was disappointed, filed the form in my ‘RATS, these are NOT the right people’ file, and then I smiled a big smile.
Yep, even though I was disappointed, I was happy and not down.  I had followed an instinct and found it wrong.  I guess in this case it was that pizza from the night before after all.  But, I was happy that I tried.  Happy that I could cross off that avenue of investigation and could hone in on new pathways on this surname in my future plans of attack.  
Luckily, my ‘RATS” file is fairly small for all the times I trust my gut.  I don’t know my batting average on trusting my gut, but I figure if I were a major league ball player, I’d be sitting on a comfortable contract!  Plus if it had not been for trusting my gut, failing, and then trusting it again, I would have never found Rataje and Milevsko, Bohemia, the ancestral villages of my Vicha family, something that was very important to me.
So, remember … trust your gut!  Sure, it won’t always pan out the way we want … with that gold nugget of information at the end, but we will learn something no matter what.  No success comes without some failure, especially in genealogy.  
So the next time you sit and wonder ‘should I follow this lead?’  Should I contact this person?  Could this family be related?  If your gut is telling you ‘maybe’ …. I say give it a try!  Even if you have had pizza the night before 🙂
Onward To Our Past,

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