Today’s Tip:  Remember …. Genealogy, frustration is your middle name!  
While we usually work ‘Fast and Furious’, we need to remember that our progress will most likely be ‘Slow and Erratic’!  BUT that is OK!
In our efforts it is easy to become anxious that things are not moving along fast enough, especially in this age of electonic access and communicaitons.  We want things fast and we want them now.  That is totally understandable, but most of the time we are not able to rely on electonic access.  We have to slog through library microfilm that has to be ordered from Salt Lake City.  We have to read microfiche of old newspapers, perhaps in a language that is not our native tongue.  We have to tramp through cemeteries and sort through index after index after index in an old archive somewhere, usually not exactly in the bustling hub of town!  
We still send letters though snailmail at times.  We call, leave messages, and may or may not hear anything.   We hope that our pleas will be met with immediate response and cries of joy and assistance!
If you are like me, you have even spent a day or two racing to the postbox to see if that document has arrived from some far off office in some country on another continent.  
While I am biting my nails, tapping my fingers, and wondering ‘What is taking so blinking long?’ it helps me to remember that I am usually working on issues relating to the lives of ancestors who lived 100, 200, 300 years ago or longer!  So I guess I need to be able to wait for a clerk in Cornwall to photocopy my document and mail it, snailmail, to me in the US.  
So keep the faith, keep your patience, and remember the scope of the times we are tracing.  It may help with the wait.
While Genealogy’s middle name might be frustration, her surname is OHMYGOODNESS when we get something we need for our efforts!
Enjoy your day, have patience, and may today be a brick-buster for you!
Onward To Our Past,

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