Today’s Tip:  A good genealogist is an open-minded skeptic!
I had a very good thing happen to me yesterday that caused me to want to write this tip.
I was cruising along on a branch of my family.  My grandmother’s sister.  I had met her, I spent time with her.  I really liked her.  I had heard a few family legends about her.  Thought I pretty much had this one nailed down before I even started.
Then ….. a cousin asked me to ‘find out’ about her son.  New information, new background, but nothing too startling.  Still thought I had this one pretty well nailed down.
There was something about the marriage license for this Aunt that caused me to pause.  Beyond the marriage license, I could never find a trace of the father.  I knew from my Aunt he left their lives quickly, so again, I was still pretty certain I had this one nailed down.
In my efforts to find evidence to document this individual, I requested his birth certificate. Hated to do it, as my option being out of town was fairly expensive, but also very quick.  So in the interest of QUALITY I ordered it up.
It came.  The father is a different man!  Not the man on the marriage license from three years earlier.  Not a name I had ever seen or heard of!  But there it was, on the certified birth record.  As they say “Things that make you go Hummm?”
So I got taught a lesson.  I had let myself lose a bit of my mantra of being an open-minded skeptic.  But my quest for QUALITY in this case is bringing me clarity and accruacy!  
So keep that open mind!  Be a skeptic!  They will both serve you and your efforts well!
Now to find that father …….
Onward To Our Past,

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