Today’s Tip:  Do Unto Others as they have done your favorite unto you!
In all my genealogy work, my favorite part is the stories I learn!  I thrive on reading and hearing them.  I love to learn that a cousin was almost trampled to death by an elephant!  I loved to hear my grandmother talk about growing up in Cleveland during the Depression and learning what she had to do to support her family after her husband died.  I loved the one (and only one) time my father told me the stories of what he did in World War II.  I love them all!
I also love reading the stories that get posted here!  They are wonderful, funny, warm, sad, full of life, and full of learning!  As I have said before, to me they are the texture of our families .
I bet a TON of you all love this aspect of genalogy too.
Maybe your favorite is the photos?  Maybe it is a journal that you have!  Maybe it is a craft or household item made by a family member.  Maybe it is a tool, a doily, a painting, a letter, a note, a card!  Ah, yes!  Good, old-fashioned letters for the Postal Service!
No matter what it is, there I something I am sure that is YOUR personal favorite.
So …… do unto the coming generations what those before us did for you!  
Write down a story.  Take a photograph (be sure to put the names and dates on the back or tag it!).  Paint a picture, write a letter, sing a family song into a tape recorder.  Make a video.  Make something using the skills your ancestor taught you!  So it for someone who is yet to come along ….. and I bet you will do it with a song in your heart!
I know when I take the time to write a family story, I smile the whole time and my heart is light.  I am hopeful that someone in the future will love and enjoy my story as much as I love, cherish, and treasure the stories have been entrusted to me.
So spend a bit of Sunday doing unto others …….
Onward To Our Past!

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