Today’s Tip: Drumroll please ……. Don’t forget the music!
If you are like me, you LOVE music!  There is something amazing to me about certain songs.  There are a few that make me stop in my tracks and listen no matter where I am or what I am doing.  I always have soft music (allbeit Rock and Roll) on during the day.  My parents had favorite songs, I have favorite songs, and my children have favorite songs.
Some are hand-me-downs.  My children love some of the same Rock and Roll that I do (yea, Moody Blues!).  My son sings the same lullaby to his sons that my grandmother sang to my mother and that my mother sang to my sisters and to me.
So as you go through your lists of questions to ask relatives and as you gather stories, don’t forget the music!
For instance I have asked my mother to write down her favorite songs, my dad’s if she knew them, if they had a favorite song, what they danced to at their wedding, etc.  For instance there was quite a wonderful scene at our son’t wedding when the DJ put on ‘We Are Family”!  
Music is a powerful thing!  (Aside: That must be why I love to wander the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland SO much.  Last time I spent three days there.  If you have never been, I HIGHLY endorse this great museum.)  Aside from perhaps certain aromas, nothing can evoke memories quite like music.  Plus when you ask someone about a song, there is almost always a great story that follows!
Personally, I still cannot hear ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers and not recall a certain 7th grade dance!  I was in heaven.  Dancing to that song with the girl I had a huge crush on!  The song ended, she held my hands in hers, and she said to me “Did you listen to the words?”  “They are true”. and walked away, never to go out with me again.  BUT I do love that song to this day, just for the memory of that dance!
So remember the music!  Keep it as part of your tree and your family!  write it down, put it on a special family mix on the old iPod!  There is nothing quite like it!
Onward To Our Past,

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