Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to check …..
As you work on your family history and genealogy, I suggest you don’t foreget to check:
  • First talk to the most senior members of your family, direct and extended!  They know far more than you think and with helpful questions can get you kick-started!
  • Your county archive or the archive of those counties your ancestors lived in!
  • The state, county, area, or city Genealogy Society.  If your surname is unique enough they can be a huge help!
  • Don’t forget the Historical Society, as they often times are separate from the Genealogy Society.
  • Check Google Books, Questia, etc. for what can be some alternate sources of information.
  • Recheck your ‘usual favorites’ on the Internet for new information and documents.
  • Add one new site to your search efforts for the chance to find something new.
  • Call or write the cemetery if you know it for deceased relatives.  Cemetery files can hold excellent information and be sure to ask for a section check, so you can see who is ‘next door’.  I have found many maiden names this way.
  • Call or write the Funeral Home that handled your ancestors’ needs.  They can be very, very helpful and their records can bust brick walls.  I had a cousin who changed his name ‘on the fly’ when he got his SSN and it wasn’t until I got the funeral home records that showed his sisters paid for his interrment that I was sure who he really was.
  • Get wild in your spelling choices on some seach engines and indexes.  Don’t forget the wildcard * !
  • Check and see if the city of your ancestors has an archive.  Sometimes it is not the same as the county.
  • Don’t underestimate the reach of social media such as Facebook.
  • Remember good old-fashioned snailmail can work wonders with some folks too.  There is a certain cache with letters these days.
  • Don’t forget the phone!
More to come, but just some of my favorites!
Onward To Our Past!

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