Today’s Tip:  Be Relentless In Your Pursuit!
Genealogy is one of those wonderous things that offer us a multitude of avenues to attack, pursue, investigate, and learn about.  It seems we always have an ‘open opportunity’ on our To Do List!  
It is also an undertaking that offers many opportunites to become fatigued and down-hearted.  To beat one’s head against a brick wall for years can often bring the thought to mind: “Hey, this hurts!  Maybe I should stop?”
My tip today is to NOT stop!  Be relentless in your pursuit!
Be relentless in your efforts to break down that brick wall, to find that shard of evidence that opens up a new horizon!
Be relentless in your efforts to find that missing ancestor!
Be relentless in your efforts to document those findings in your tree!
Be relentless in your efforts to attain the highest quality research!
Be relentless in your efforts to catalog your papers, photos, and stories.
Be relentless in your pursuit of family!
If our ancestors had not been relentless, each in their own way, we would not be here!
We owe it to our ancestors and we owe it to those generations that will look back and marvel at our findings that otherwise would have been lost under the sands of time.
Be relentless as you go Onward To Our Past!

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