Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to celebrate the tiniest of victories as you fight your bigger fights!
This tip was brought to my mind again today when I was very frustrated at not being able to make any headway on a new mystery individual.  I was really bummed, as her given name is hugely popular in this line:  Marie.  Plus her surname gets butchered every-which-way-from-Tuesday: Knechtl.  I was hitting dead end after dead end.
Then my cousin in the Czech Republic emailed me.  Her email began ‘I am so sorry to say I know nothing of this person’.  As I half-heartedly read the rest of the email, I was delighted at a tidbit she tossed in on another family line!  She had discovered a marriage I did not have and shared it with me!  It made my day!  
I thought back on how many times I had been greedy in my genealogy work.  I wanted the whole thing!  I wanted the BIG breakthrough.  I poo-pooed the small items ……. but when the BIG breakthrough came, I looked back and realized that it was those tiny items that gave me the insight to bust the big one!  
So as you spend your day today, celebrate the tiniest of victories!  Perhaps just a middle initial.  Perhaps a day, when all you had was a month or a year.  Perhaps it is reading an article and you get a tiny ‘ah ha’ moment and insight!  Perhaps it is the smell of a flower when you walk outdoors.
No matter what it is ….. give it a fist pump, a shout, and a big THANK YOU!  Do your happy dance!
I hope you enjoy your Sunday!  
Onward To Our Past,

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