Today’s Tip:  Treat everyone in genealogy equally!  You never know ……
Recently I have been amazed by who has helped me in my quest for my ancestry!  
Now, I will be the first to admit that I am no ‘shrinking violet’ when it comes to asking for help!  From my very first foray into this work, I turned to others for their help, knowledge, support, input, and ideas!  I have always believed that I am better through the help of others!
These past several days I have turned to many folks for suggestions, input, help, etc.  Some are quite well known, the vast majority, what my cousin would say ‘what you Americans call ‘a regular Joe’.  
Who helped me?  Yep, those ‘regular Joes and Josephines’!  I suppose the well-known folks are just too busy, too important, etc. to help someone who was seeking their advice.  But what about those regular folks?  They were busy too!  One stopped on her way to a Board meeting she was going to be running in less than an hour and offered her help!  Another called me back when she had a few moments.  The others answered emails and messages over the past several days.  Some offered to answer at a later time when they were available.  Every regular person helped or offered to!  Every one of the well-known ….. well, not a single response.  How sad it must be for them to be so out of touch!  
So, I suggest we should each remember that it is not what we think we are that is important!  It is how we treat others!  It is in caring for others that we care about ourselves and not just our own over-inflated egos!  
I am blessed to have been helped by so many folks along the way!  Not a one has a name that anyone would most likely even recognize, but they surely made a difference in my life, my work, and the lives of others!  It is WAY more fulfilling than adding more hot air to one’s own ego as some are doing out there in this work.
So, treat each of your genealogical brethren as an equal!  You never, ever know where that gem of wisdom or bit of data is going to come from that really, truly will make a difference!
Enjoy your day and thanks to everyone who has helped me along the road!
Onward To Our Past,

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