Today’s Tip:  Keep that old email address — and keep it active!
Just yesterday I received two email responses from very old message board postings!  Both of these were from posts of several years ago.  One was from 2006 and the second was from 2004.  Plus they were both very useful, connected me with individuals with new information I had not known before, and were a blessing!
It got me thinking that I was really glad that I had kept that old email address!  I hardly use that old address, but it was my primary for many early years, until it became a bit too Spam infested.  I added a couple of new email addresses over the years, but for some reason I kept his old one …. guess I am just a sentimental old fool …. ok, maybe not old, but a sentimental fool all the same!  
I am SO glad I kept it!  I did not even recall these posts I made, but these folks found them and responded to me!  What luck!
When I started my new email, all I did was go into my mailbox and forward that old address to my new address.  With a few filters, I canned the spam and only got the ‘real’ emails forwarded to me.  So the account stays active and the inbox doesn’t fill up and start bouncing email back.  Plus I do not have to go to an extra site just to check it.
So my suggestion is ….. keep that old email and keep it active!  You may never who or what may come your way!  
In my case, it was awesome!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. Carol Reply

    Wish I could have done that with some of my old email addys, but, when you totally drop the satellite service and the email addy was xxx@satellite.com, it is pretty hard to do. I do so love my gmail and yahoo email accounts. Knock on wood, neither of them will go out of business.

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