Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the in-laws!
Someone asked me today why I spend time researching so many of the lines in my tree that marry into each family.
It was clear to me, but I realized for this person, they did not see it the same.  To them, they weren’t ‘blood’  So I explained my perspective.
My goal is to make our family tree and our family history inclusive.  Therefore, I work just as hard on the marriage partners.  There are two reasons for this:
One is that I have found wonderful information as I have worked on marriage partner lines.  It was the key that helped me find one ancestral village in fact.
The other reason is my children!  Actually, it is what I quickly realized about my children.  While my wife’s family may not be my ‘blood’ they are my children’s blood!
Good enough for me!  I am doing this for those who come after me and those who have any interest in our families, so I better be inclusive!  My children are going to be pretty irked if they go to look up their lineage and find that good old Dad didn’t really care about half their heritage!  And so it is with every generation!  So I include the in-laws and lots and lots of Aunts and Uncles in my family history work.  It is what has really contributed greatly to making my tree and website such a nice social network for our extended family!
So I suggest …… Don’t forget the in-laws!
Onward To Our Past,

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