Today’s Tip:  Every once in awhile it is good to let the stew simmer!
I can get in a real race sometimes to enter data, scan documents, and research, research, reserach!  I will readily admit that I love the adrenaline rush I get from a discovery, from completing a profile, or adding a new name, birth place, or even a middle initial!  
But I also know that some things simply cannot be rushed!  Sometimes the best steak is one that is aged a bit!  
So every once in awhile, I purposely let a branch of my tree ‘set a spell’.  I move on to other areas or folks.  I rein in my excitement and work other angles.  
Then I come back with fresh eyes, which can lead to fresh avenues to pursue, fresh leads I had not thought of earlier, and new ways to look at that group of family.  It can also awaken me to new names that I see afresh after a break on that line.  Perhaps it is a son or daughter, an aunt or uncle, or a maiden name.  I have ‘discovered’ new things about each of these when I have taken one of my enforced mini-breaks!
It may work for you…..so remember, every so often, let that stew simmer.
You might just find a whole new flavor when you go back and taste it again!
Onward To Our Past,

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