Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget there might be new comers to your tree!
I spent the day yesterday enjoying being part of a wonderful wedding celebration that will continue today.  It got me thinking of a little tip that use once every three months.
I am good at finding the ancestors, but, whoops, what about those new folks that join the tree?  Maybe a new baby to a cousin?  Maybe a marriage to a distant cousin?  
I have marked in my Outlook calendar for the first day of each quarter on Feb, May, August, November to send an email to all my family members and make a call to those who don’t have email to get any updates on new arrivals to the family!  I always title it ‘new arrivals and welcome!’ so they know they can skip it or answer it if they know of anyone new.
I use this quarterly schedule since it seems to be a bit less crowded than other months I have tried.  
So have lots of fun seeking those ancestors, but don’t forget to add the expansions to the tree on the newly leafing ends!
Onward To Our Past,

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