God bless us all on this day …. 9/11.

Today’s Tip:  Flip those photos and note those names — in archival ink!
I just spent a memorable day with family and friends at a wonderful wedding and it got me to thinking about this tip.
I was watching the professional photographer take the customary picture of the wedding party.  I thought back to my wedding day and that same photo.  Then that I was blessed that I have the same photo for my parents, in-laws, sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, grandparents, and my wife’s grandparents, and a couple of cousins.  Maybe one or two more.
I was smiling at the fact that my daughter happened to be the maid of honor and I knew all the friends in the wedding party, but then got to thinking ….. did I know the names of everyone in all those other photographs?  Did I have them all written down?
Each couple pick meaningful people to join them on their wedding day.  Had I noted who they all were?
I know already in my parents’ case, one name is lost to time!  Two in my grandmother’s photo.  I only know two in my cousin’s photo!  I am not even sure on my own sisters!
As soon as I get home, I am pulling those digital photos and noting the names and doing my best to find them all!  
So, don’t forget those other important folks in photos.  They may not be family, but on certain occasions they can be mighty important folks to the family in the picture!
Onward To Our Past,

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