Today’s Tip:  Remember to enjoy the thrill of the chase, not just the end result!
Often times I get caught up in trying to find something specific and get frustrated when I cannot find a certain document, person, etc.  I realize that often I get blinded by my focus ……
In my single-mindedness, I sometimes lose sight of the thrill of the chase itself.  
This is not good!
If we allow ourselves to lose the enjoyment of the thrill of the chase itself, we head ourselves straight to burn-out.
For if it is only in the ultimate discovery that we find enjoyment, then we only set ourselves up to then want to chase the next item, document, date, etc.  You do this often enough to yourself and the fun is gone.  
BUT if we allow ourselves to relish the journey itself.  Enjoy the thrill of simply chasing and not just in the end result, we will find much greater joy in this work.  We will find longevity as we celebrate each step of our tasks and not just the final ‘victory’.  We will have FUN!  We will smile more!  We will journey more!  We will infuse others with our enthusiasm more!
So, I hope you will train yourself to enjoy the thrill of the chase just as much, if not more, than the final step in your pursuit!  I have adjusted my attitude and focus to this and the entire journey, successes and failures, findings and brickwalls, have all become much more enjoyable!
Onward To Our Past,

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