Today’s Tip:  Time flies when you’re having fun, so double up!
If you are like me, time can really fly when you are working on genealogy!  To me, that is a good thing, since it shows I love what I am doing.  
On the other hand, if I am not careful this can lead to some difficulties, so in a couple of areas I always ‘double up’ when I am dealing with my precious genealogy times!
First, since I am a bit older than most …. I always double the time when I am thinking of ‘ago’!  If I think something was four years ago, it inevitably was eight.  If I think it was 15 years ago, it usually was 30!  And so I try and recall to keep my time-frame estimates generous due to this shortcoming of mine!
Second, when I plan my questions for a family member, society visit, etc., I always double the number of questions I think I will need or have time for.  I never want to be caught with time with someone special and come away thinking, ‘Oh, I wish I would have been better prepared.’
Third, when I plan a visit with a newly found family member, I always double the time I think I should ask for.  If I think I would like two hours, I always plan on four.  If I think I need a day, I schedule two.  If I think that cemetery walk will take 1/2 a day, I schedule a full day.  Two hours in the library, I always pencil in four and then some.
I remember like it was yesterday a few years back when I met a newly found cousin.  At first she was very reluctant to even meet with me, so I put in an opening of two hours over lunch in my schedule to spend with her.  While at first we were sitting with a foot or two in-between us, by the end of the two hours we were sitting arm-in-arm, her head on my shoulder, and her saying ‘I wish we had all day.  Don’t go!’  I stretched the visit to four hours and still hated like the devil to leave then. 
I also recall the time I was met at a cemetery by a representative of the cemetery.  We had alloted 20 minutes, a time she assured me was far more than she usually found ‘necessary with you kind of folks’.  We finally parted ways four hours later when the sunlight failed and she was saying ‘if I would have known how serious you were, I’d have planned all day.’
Then there was the time an association member agreed to show me around their genealogy library for an hour.  We met at 1:00 and we locked the building up as we left at 11:30.
So aside from the time my GPS tells me it will take for my travels, I double up on my genealogy time.  It has always been a great plan for me — and even then, I usually am late to that next appointment I have.
Enjoy your day and 
Onward To Our Past,

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