Hit those Surname Message Boards!
I have had very uneven success with many message boards.  Some offer soild, wonderful helpful folks.  Some flame you for no reason, tend to belittle the newbies, and then ignore you.
HOWEVER, my tip today is to post an inquiry regarding the surnames you are working on on all the appropriate surname message boards you can.  Plus if there is a regional board without any thread for your surname, start one!  Post your surname, your question, your work, and a long-lasting email address.
REMEMBER, they are like time bombs, with a fuse of unknown length!

This past week I received two inquiries from surname message board posts that I placed.  Each were over three years old!  But new folks started working those names, or just found that resource and reached out to me!  Both VERY appropriate connections.  One is in my family as a distant relative now, he added a wonderful layer of information, and we are going halves on some new research on our shared surname!  The second was from someone struggling with the same surname in the same area and now we can make sure we do not duplicate our efforts!
Hey, these were so old I had even forgotten about these posts to be honest!

Enjoy your day, and now …….

Onward To Our Past!


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