Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the local library ….. just not yours!
As genealogy buffs and family historians we are all familiar with our local libraries!  We use their resources like mad!
I am constantly in mine!  Ordering microfilm, getting books via library lending, looking at microfiche until they close the doors!
But one thing I don’t always remember is to check the local library in the community of the ancestor I am studying and/or searching for!
I happened to be really, really stuck on a specific individual in a family line.  I discovered that for a couple of generations they settled around a small town in rural Central Minnesota.  
After limited luck with my online resources, I decided to give the library in that town a call.  BINGO!
Turns out, many decades ago, some member of this family had donated a copy of their family tree to the library and a local newspaper reporter wrote a few articles on the family!  
While I know these resources are not primary sources, this one did give me some great insights into the family, maiden names to follow, and a second wife that corrected many of my mistakes once I verified it!  NICE!  And it saved me days, weeks, maybe months of looking!  
So don’t forget those local libraries in the community of your ancestor!  They just might house a real gem that is nowhere else to be found!
Onward To Our Past,

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