Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the fraternal organizations!
As you look for clues to your ancestors, don’t overlook any fraternal organizations they might have belonged to.
In my case a huge number of my ancestors on the Bohemian side belonged to the CSPS Lodges, the Ladies Auxillary, Sokols, IOOF, Masons, community clubs, etc.  
Often times these organizations had newsletters, archives, buildings, and organizations behind them and have records that can be invaluable!
For instance, the CSPS (now the CSA) has a wonderful museum in Chicago that holds all copies of their newsletter since the 1850’s.
They also often ran year-books for special celebrations.  In some of these I have not only found stories, but also some wonderful photographs and historic information.
So …. keep in mind, when you see a fraternal name or organization listed, it just might provide a wonderful lead!
Onward To Our Past,

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