Today’s Tip:  As you work to generate enthusiasm for your family history, remember there is a reason there is chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla!
If you are like me, you constantly have an eye towards trying to build some enthusiasm about family history within your larger, extended family … and maybe even within your own family!  So my tip is for you to remember that there is a reason for chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla (and a million other flavors too) ice cream.  Because each one might be someone’s favorite, even if it is not our own. 
I send out a personal family update once a week to all the 200 plus folks who are members of our family site.  My goal is to drive some activity to the site, get folks to look and get involved, and to share, share, share!  Share their stories, share their knowledge, and to share my enthusiasm!
So each week I change my message, my style, my focus, and the surnames in my update.  What might catch my eye, may or may not catch someone else’s.  What I think was ‘the story of the week’ might just raise yawns from others.  What I think was a minor finding, might be the great ‘AH-HA’ moment for someone else!
Much like a regular magazine such as Newsweek or Time, I keep the banner the same, but the topics, stories, and cover photo always change!  Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla!  Realizing that I need to cast my enthusiasm net far and wide and hope to capture at least one person’s attention.  Probably not all, but I am happy with one!
So, keep in mind that we are not all of one mind!  Bring your enthusiasm to different angles of the family!  
I hope this tip helps today!  Now I am off to write my weekly Update!  I think this week it will be strawberry!
Onward To Our Past,

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