Today’s Tip:  Who doesn’t remember their first time?
No, not just THAT first time!  But all those firsts!
If you are like me, often times you are not sure where to begin wtih someone to get them to start reminiscing with you for your family history work.  You don’t want to scare them off, but you have to figure out somehow to get them comfortable and talking!
I use ‘firsts’ as a first step!
I always work my early conversations to folks’ firsts.
Their first car.
Their first date.
Their first apartment or house.
Their first pro sports event.
Their first sport, music, etc. event they were in.
Their first major trip.
Their first memory of a holiday, usually Christmas.
Their first dance.
Their first school they attended.
Their first best friend.
I find that folks always enjoy thinking back on ‘firsts’ and it is an easy way to start a conversation with most anyone …. and it leads to some great memories and stories!
May your Sunday be a wonderful day!
Onward To Our Past,

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