Today’s Tip:  Take some time each year to keep honing your skills!
I know in this economy money and resources are tight, especially when it comes to something like genealogy.  This is even more true when it is a hobby or simply a joyful sidelight.
But today’s tip is that we should each take at least some bit of time, each year, to continue to hone our skills or to learn a skill in a new area of research, etc.
For me this year this will mean one conference. I am lucky that my favorite professional organization (Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International) only has a convention/conference every two years!  I went in 2009 and I am set and ready for 2011 in October.  I had two years to squirril away some funds to cover this expense and now I am psyched to be able to go and spend three days of total learning!.
With the advent of webinars, podcasts, etc. it is easier to gain new skill training at a lower cost than before as there are far more remote opportunities than ever.
I like to pick them based on cost (free is best) then in an area that I know little about and want to learn, or in an area of my particular passion!  But I always force myself to put aside some time to learn something new.   I need to keep the skill llevel current, see what is new and exciting, and what is old that I simply have missed.
So my tip is … take some time each year for yourself!  Treat yourself to a skill-building or skill-enhancing opportunity.
Think of it as personal development that doubles as fun!
Onward To Our Past,

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