Today’s Tip:  ObitMessenger can be a nice help.
Once again, I found a nice little piece of technology that helps me out and may help you too.
If you are like me, you have some locations where you have a significant number of distant relatives, but where you no longer live.  For me, one of those happens to be Greater Cleveland.  
To help me out, I use a handy-dandy little electronic helper, ObitMessenger.  You can find it here
at https://www.legacy.com/obit-messenger and is a free feature of Legacy.com.
Legacy.com is connected to some 800 newspapers and you can have it look for names for you and email you automatically!  So in this case, I get one email each day that contains all the obituaries from that day in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  You can set any of their cities, newspapers, etc.  
I love it and it has really come in handy in alerting me to a passing of a distant relative that without it I may well have missed!
It is simple to register and as far as I can tell, I have not been subjected to any mistreatment or spam as a result.  
This one is well worth my time and all I have to do is scan one email a day to make sure I don’t miss anything.
Have a great day, bust a brick or two, and get Onward To Our Past!
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    I wish you would use a larger type. I enjoy your blog, but I have to put a magnifying glass in front of my monitor to see it.

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