Today’s Tip: Remember that no other train runs on our genealogical timetable!
Patience is a virture ….. but, one which I do not posess!
Consequently, I often have to remind myself forcefully that NO ONE ELSE runs on my genealogical timetable, no matter how much I may want them to!
I remind myself of this so as to not lose my perseverence in my efforts.  You see, when I lose my patience, I lose my focus, and then the next thing to go is my confidence that I will be able to achieve my next goal or remove my next brick.  Then, if I am not careful, I can start to get frayed around the edges and start to go in too many directions at a time.
When I make a phone call, send an email, post a letter, fill out a form, request an item from an archive, or ask for some help from someone or someplace else, I have a stong tendency to expect them to ‘get on it’ as fast I as I would like!  I forget that there may be LOTS of folks in the queue before me.  That there may be dozens of requests, but only one volunteer.  That some newly found cousin might just not really care all that much about getting me a photo or copy of a document that I am chomping at the bit to hold in my hot little hands.  That while a day to me may be too long, a month to them is quick.  
While being on our own timetable can be really wonderful and allows our personal train to have a lot of freedom and flexibility, it also means we may be running on that track alone.  We may wish that the other trains we rely on were on our timetable, but we cannot insist on it, nor can we even expect it.
So remember that a whole lot of life might be in the way of other folks as we ask for their help, support, or input.  Have patience.  Keep your focus and wait it out.  Keep tabs on that delayed train, but think twice before jumping on them for taking what we might think is ‘too long’.
Usually the wait will be worth it and we will have earned a great ally along with our patience — and who knows, maybe we will even gain a new train that learns to love and run on our timetable too!
Onward To Our Past,Scott 

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