Today’s Tip:  NEVER, EVER underestimate the POWER of the connections you make — on others!
While we all may be doing our family history/genealogy for personal reasons, my tip today is to NEVER, EVER underestimate the power of the connections you make and the impact they have on other people!
I am so richly blessed by what I have discovered in my genealogy work.  I understand myself so much better than I ever did before.  I have found the lands where my roots have been planted for generations before the United States and come to know the customes, values, and traits that make me the person I am!  I have learned history I could never know in anyother way.  
Could I ask for anything more?  No!  But I get more … something that I neither asked for nor anticipated.  Something I never expected, but something that is far richer than any of the benefits that have accrued to me.
I have seen the strengh and power of the connections that my work has made on other folks!  I have met the newly found cousins and had them hold me in their arms and ask me not to leave.  I have talked to them on the phone, and heard them proclaim through tears, how much having ‘new family’ means to them.  I have read letters explaining how ‘whole’ they feel.  I have had to be the bearer of sad news to the rest of the family when a newly connected member contacts me and says “Scott, please tell the family this news ….”.  I have been on the joyful end of the communications stream too, when a new baby needs to be added to the tree or a discovery has been made!  I have been blessed to find myself included in personal communications because ‘Scott, you are family and you need to know’.  I have been asked to pray, and in that simple act been moved to tears of my own.  
I have watched a room full of 40 very close family members welcome 15 ‘new’ family members to a celebration and within minutes not be able to tell one group from the other as they mix and mingle, talk and laugh.
And I have had family tell me ‘if only I would have known you and what you have told me before my spouse died, he would have been so happy to know family’.  
So …. remember as you do your work; as you find the connections; as you gain insight and knowledge; as you fight through the frustations of brick walls; that you are doing this for yourself — but also for something far bigger!  Never underestimate how huge the impact you are having on others may be!
The power and the strength of the connections you are making on OTHER people!  How can you beat enriching the lives of others while doing something you enjoy doing anyway?  
So never underestimate the power and potential benefit of your efforts on other people!
We are indeed blessed to love this work!
Onward To Our Past,

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