Today’s Tip:  No matter who.  Who matter from where.  No matter from when.  No matter why.  If someone contacts you, helps you, refers you, etc. for your family history/genealogy put them in your Outlook (or whatever electronic address book you use).

I live by Outlook.  Say what you want, I love the product, love how it can interface for my work lif and personal life, calendar, etc.

My tip is that no matter who, what, or where, etc. anyone contacts you about your family history work, recordit in your electronic address book!  Write it down, put it in your Outlook, and keep it with you at all times!

If a distant cousin gives you their address or phone.  If you look up the address of a cemetery.  If you call or write a Society somewhere in the world.  If you send a form into a Probate Court.  If you visit an Archive.  Local libraries, Museums, etc.

Put them all — every one — into your Outlook!  

I have, time after time after time, thought I would only need an address, phone number, mailing address, name, etc. once, only to have to spend time trying to find it again — often on the road when time is most precious!

I now keep every address and phone number I get in my Outlook.  I have suprised myself at how often I refer to it and save myself a trip or worse, time lost!

And you know what?  It has also given me a kick-butt holiday card list!

Onward To Our Past,

  1. Michelle Goodrum Reply

    Thank you for an excellent tip. I hadn't thought of using outlook that way.

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