Today’s Tip:  Wait awhile, then loop-back on those memories, stories, and questions.
I had a good lesson yesterday when I was having lunch with my 91 year-old mother.  
No surprise, but we got to talking family history and I was asking her a few questions from my ‘Open List’.  
I keep an “Open List” for several significant folks in my family.  Some are the elders of our clan.  Some are a few that tend not to respond to me.  Some are folks I have yet to connect with.  I keep these lists in the Memo Pad of my Smart Phone and always have them with me to refer to when, and if, I get the chance.  The ‘Open List’ consists of my hot questions that I have in waiting to ask each person.
As I was talking with my mom, I got off track and asked a question that I had asked her many times before.  She gave me a new answer with some very meaningful information!  In this case, the question was: “Who in our family had the first camera”.  Turns out it was a great Aunt, so now I know who to bug for old photos!
I asked her why she had not told me this before and she said ‘well, I was just thinking about it in a different way today’.
So I asked her a few more questions I had asked before and while several got the same answers as before, three more got me additional, new information!
So, with just about anyone, remember to wait and loop-back to the same questions.  In this case it was many months since I had asked these questions and the loop-back gained me huge information.
Now, my “Open List” for each person will now not start with the new questions, but I will keep the old ones on there too …. and every so often, loop-back!  
I hope you have a great day as we go
Onward To Our Past!

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