Today’s Tip:  Let it be known, far and wide, what you want and what you can use!
Each of us can get immersed in our genealogy and family history pursuits at times.  We get steeped in the detail and love the chase as we work to find dates, names, and elusive ancestors.  We chase all the things we need and if you are like me, you cherish photos almost above all else!  I love those pictures!  I love those letters, those clippings, those notes and cards our ancestors wrote and sent, etc.
But …. don’t take it forgranted that everyone else understands what is important to us and our efforts to document the past!  
I recently had a very close family member say to me “well gee, Scott, I have lots of old family photos, but I don’t know they are of, so I have never shared them with you’.  When I explained that I would love to see all those old photos, this person was astonished and then said ‘well, you’ll probably enjoy the ones of the family gatherings!  Gee, ya think?
I also had a newly found cousin tell me that when she passed away she planned on thowing away all the old family photo albums since she ‘was the last of the line’.  (I am happy to report that she has now agreed to give them to be instead!)  
These revelations led me to send an email and a letter to every family member on our website and in my postal address book and tell them what all it was that would ever be of value to me!  I explained that the ‘goodies’ did not have to be notated if they were unknown.  That I would take anything they thought was of any interest, let alone value, to the family history.  I implored them to err on the side of sending me ‘junk’ rather than tossing it out!  
So, don’t take it forgranted that everyone knows what is of value to us as we do this wonderful work!
Take a moment and inform or remind them!  
I hope this tip beings you some unexpected gold as it did me!
Onward To Our Past!

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