Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget that some folks and organizations are still low-tech, but can result in very high returns!  Do not overlook or forget them!
In today’s age of high tech electronic communications, websites, and Facebook, we often forget that there are those folks who are still what we might call low-tech.  Do not overlook them.  Do not forget them.  Take the time to reach out to them!  The rewards can often times be huge and rich!  
As I have noted before, I love MyHeritage.com for my family website for many reasons, one of which is the ease with which I can email the entire family membership there.  I send out a weekly Family Update to everyone with just a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse.  
BUT I also take the time to print out my email, put a note on each and send out about 8 copies each week to those family members who are not electronically connected.  I also take pains to call them each periodically to stay in touch and update them and, of course, to pick their brains too!
The results from these low-tech folks have been some of my very best!  When they respond, they respond in full!  The letters back tend to be long and detailed.  The photos and information they share tends to come in manila packets rather than thin #10 business envelopes!  The phone calls back tend to be in the one hour range and test my ability to listen, type, and question all at the same time to capture the flood of sharing!
I also make sure I do not overlook those organizations out there that may not have a website.  May only have a vehicle for responding to mail requests.  These, too, can result in wonderful returns and well worth the wait!
So, I strongly suggest that you keep in mind that while it may take a bit of extra energy, time, and focus, do your best to keep these low-tech relations in the fold and reach out equally to the mail-only organizations.
Besides ….. human contact, even if only on the phone or written in pen, trumps electronic bits of email anyday!
Onward To Our Past,

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