Today’s Tip:  Change of season time is the BEST for cemetery tramping and photo taking!
If you are like most genealogy and family history buffs, and me, you love to tramp around cemeteries!
Today’s tip is to get out there and do it NOW!  The change of seasons time … summer to autumn or winter to spring … is the best for enjoying the out-of-doors and getting some beautiful photos while you do it!
When I take photos of family graves, I always shoot a dozen or so photos of the cemetery surroundings.  First, to orient myself for return visits, second to get the ‘feel’ of the cemetery, and third to capture the beauty of the cemetery settting.  Now is the time those photos look the best!
New spring green or autumn’s colorful leaves are a wonderful backdrop to our gravestone photos and can enhance the pictures of where our loved ones’ remains reside for eternity.  One of my personal favorite photos is of my grandmother’s grave with some absolutely wonderful bright red maple trees in the background and the green grass inbetween.
So … if you have been thinking about a cemetery trip …. don’t delay!  Do it now!  You could even take a picture or two for Find A Grave!
You won’t regret doing it at this time of year!
Onward To Our Past,

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