Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to ask about county historical books!
I have had some excellent luck recently with biographies that were written for local community’s and county’s centennials or longer.  Only problem is that they are seldom books that received wide distribution and often no ISBN so they can be a challenge to find.
I now have on my sheet of questions for local society calls to ask if they have any of these!
They often hold a detailed biographies and photos.  Plus sometimes the stories can lead you to maiden names, other family members still in the ‘old country’, place names, immigration dates, relatives, and other tidbits!
Now, while these are not primary documentation, in many cases they have directed me to the right place to look!  
I have found leads in these books for comunities in North Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota so far.  They can be real gold!
So, when you are chatting up the local contact at the local historical or genealogical society, don’t forget to ask about centennial books or annuals!  
They may hold untold goodies for you, too!
Onward To Our Past,

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