Today’s Tip:  Like a new model car, I suggest you may want to wait for the second ‘model year’ of some products!
I was taught by a very wise man (my grandfather) to never buy a new model of car the first year it is offered.   Wait for the second year.  They will have corrected lots of the initial mistakes they made at first and after they listened to some angry customers, will have made it better!
I am the same way with lots of technology.  While, sure there are some things I grab right away, mostly I wait until the 1.5 or 2.0 version comes out.  It often contains some nice fixes, a few new whistles and bells, and it often runs smoother.
Understand that I am not the kind of person that likes to Beta test electronics or software.  I tend to spend my time researching and not doing that sort of thing.  IF you like it, great, I am glad since we need folks who love to Beta test for all the rest of us!  I say thank you!
If you are like me and tend to like a product that simply does what it is advertised to do, then keep your eyes on the new stuff, but perhaps don’t put your money on the line until verson 1.5 or something comes out.  Let someone else struggle to get the bugs out!  
Then you can make the maximum use of your time with the minimum amount of aggravation!  
Not the right way … or the only way … just a Tip about my way.
Onward To Our Past,

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