Today’s Tip: Scour those close out aisles and the dollar stores …. and find those disposable cameras!  
Today I was in my local pharmacy and on the end of one aisle, in the close-out shelves were thirteen disposable cameras!  Marked down to $1.19 each, I grabbed them up!  (I hate to see such a vernerable company as Kodak on the verge of bankruptcy, but I guess this is a tiny personal silver-lining to their clouds of trouble.)
I now have these cameras marked with ‘Your Onward To Our Past Picture Machine’ and they are ready to be mailed out to select family who I tend to have less success with getting photos from than others!  Just in time for Thanksgiving, they will now have a free camera to point and shoot with ….. and then I ask that they just mail the camera or the prints back to me.  Since it is a freebie for them, I figure they just might comply and I very well could get some great photo addtions for our family tree/website….. the good, the bad, and the blurry, but photos all the same!  And for just a bit over a buck! Nice, I think.
Actually, I may just use half for Thanksgiving and see how it goes ….. then send out the other half at Christmas.  
I will also keep my eyes peeled now in every store I am in for more of these cameras in the Discontinued Aisle or Bin.  
I’ll keep you posted on the success or failure I have …. and if you do this, let me know back too.
Maybe, just maybe, our trees will sparkle with some new faces or at least new photos of old faces!
Onward To Our Past,

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