Today’s Tip: You can’t break the Internet! So go ahead, just try stuff!
I saw something today that kind of shocked me.  Someone was selling a meeting for something like $39.99 to learn Google+ for Genealogy.  
I was not shocked someone is trying to make money off folks in genealogy, but I was shocked folks would pay to ‘learn’ about a free service!  Just as I am surprised folks pay or buy books to learn about this and many other things that are free and on the Internet.
You can’t break Google.  You can’t break Facebook.  You can’t break the Internet.  So my advice is:  Don’t be afraid to just try things on it!  Jump in, find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and dig in!  Then: GO FOR IT!
Every one of these has a FAQ or many all over the place, again all free!  
So get acquainted with the product, then don’t be afraid to jump in and try.  Believe me, you don’t need to pay to learn how to start on Google+ or others.
Sure, when you get very sophisticated you might want some help along the way, but save your money at first and just play around with it.
You will not break it!  For that same $39.99 you can get an annual Society membership lots of places or an hour or more of peronsonal, high quality, focused research — all while you are off learning how to do whatever you want on the Internet free!  
Spend your money wisely!
Onward To Our Past,

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