Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to laugh!
I had a very meaningful conversation with a newly found cousin recently.  It was a few weeks after the passing of her spouse and naturally a very sad and somber time.  
We got to talking for a whole lot longer than either of us anticipated and before long we were sharing stories of our lives and our loved ones, of our times, and our ancestors and their times.  
My cousin related a story of how her husband had courted her.  They met at the window of the Post Office.  He sold stamps.  She often sent letters home to Serbia.  After many dozen visits to his window, one night found him outside her window asking her to go to the movie.  She said she had no time for ‘nonsense’ and shooed him away.  He came back night after night until she finally agreed to go out.  It must have gone well ….. they ended up getting married!
In the midst of our story telling we both realized that we were laughing at our stories and laughing out loud!  
As we wound down our call after over an hour, she said to me ‘Thank you, Scott!  This is the first time I have felt better since my husband died.  I had forgotten how good it feels to laugh.’
I agree with my cousin.  I felt wonderful!  The laughing had done me a whole world of good too …. lifted much from my shoulders …. and brought me phenomenal stories to add to the fabric of our family tree.
This came close on the heels of having a discussion with a librarian where we got to laughing so much, she got told to ‘Be Quiet’ by her fellow librarian!  Ahh, laughter IS the best medicine!
So ….. above all … as you go about important work of documenting and finding our families ……
Don’t forget to take time to laugh!
Onward To Our Past,

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