Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget, or underestimate the power of, the wildcard “*”.
When ever you do a search, don’t forget the power of the wildcard the * in most search engines!
I use it almost as a default to get a broader search result when I am looking up surnames.  It can really help with crazy misspellings, etc.  
I had looked for a long time in an index for one of my Italian family with the surname of D’Aquila.  The apostrophy can often be a challenge, so I now just start with the given name then progress backwards from  D*, then to D’*, and work through the name again using the wildcard.
I have found many wonderful, ‘hidden’ results with this tip …. I hope it helps you too!
One little symbol and whole new options can open up for you.
Onward To Our Past,

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