Today’s Tip:  Skip a coffee, find an ancestor!
I don’t know about all of you, but I have to watch the old pocketbook very carefully these days.  Especially when it comes to my ‘sweetest passion’, genealogy.  First, I cannot afford to let my genealogy passion get out of hand from a spending perspective  and second, I know I will want to do things that cost some money every once in awhile.  So …. what to do?  Where to get the money?
I did a bit of smoke and mirrors, but it feeds my ‘sweetest passion’ habit!  I skip my other passion … espresso coffee!
I was in the habit of an espresso coffee at my local coffee shop each morning.  It cost me $2.09 a cup.  I did this each day on the way to work, so it was costing me $12.54 a week, and at 4.5 weeks to the month, $56.43 a month!  When I realized that this ‘small’ coffee was running me this ….. I decided to do without the coffee and each night I put exactly $2.09 in a jar on my desk.  This is marked ‘genealogy’!
I use this money for my research payments and when I am really frugal on that … other expenses …. it is paying for my tuition at the CGSI conference this year!  All for free, in a way!  
So …. I could either have an espresso …. or as I got this past week, for the cost of less than two weeks of espressos …. a four generation research paper on a branch of my family!  I guess for that I’ll stay a bit groggy in the mornings!
Just one way I squeak out some genealogy money in my life.  
Onward To Our Past,
  1. Barbara Poole Reply

    Sure sounds like a good plan to me, especially since I don't drink coffee. Maybe I should do your saving plan with $ spent on candy. Good luck with it.

  2. Claudia's Genealogy Blog Reply

    Can you imagine the cost if you had chosen one of those fancy drinks? Some of them are $3 to $5 per day.

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