Today’s Tip:  Always look past the person in the center of the photo!
I was looking through some old photos that I had on my family tree.  I had dutifully identified the person who the photo was taken of.  Usually smack in the center of the picture.  Then I started to look carefullly at a few of these photos …. and noticed that in almost every single one there were folks in the background.  I got out the magnifying glass and started to look closely …. WOW I discovered that there were several family members scattered in these.  Plus in one or two there were folks I did not recognize so I posted them for comments from the family …. and got several new identifications!  
They were there all the time, I just had not paid attention to the folks in the background and in the corners!  
It was like a double dip cone!  I had been eating the strawberry on one side and missed the chocolate on the other!
Awesome day … and all from old items I already had!
So take a second look ….. look in the corners, the chairs in the back, or walking up the stairs!  You never know who might be smiling at you!
Onward To Our Past,

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